A very warm welcome to the Aranya Eco Resort. Designed with the environment in mind - guests at the Aranya Eco Resort embrace a 'greener' style of daylong exploration within the nature.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the combination of natural beauty and a daylong stay at Aranya Eco Resort. Be indulged with fine food, outdoor activities in natural surroundings, and relaxation.


Fine Dining Facility Aranya's Kitchen boasts a highly trained team of Food and Beverage specialists prepared to cater to your every need. The Kitchen offers breakfast and lunch buffets and can serve you splendid Bengali cuisine as well as other cuisine. The dining facility is equipped to cater to 40-50 guests at a time and promises the highest standards of hygiene.

Boating Come lose yourself on our tranquil waters. Aranya Resort is surrounded by magnificent waterways and offers its guests the chance to enjoy leisurely boat rides across the facility and drink in the quiet beauty of the wilderness. Fancy boats , life jackets and facilitators are available.

Children's Play Zone Our play zone for children has a lot of room for your kids and their fun and games. Different activities are available to keep your children engaged. The play zone comes equipped with a see-saw, slipper and rocking cradle, and can host kids' cricket and football games. Aranya also offers children the delights of horse-riding.

Play Ground Lovers of sport and adventure are welcome to our playgrounds and outdoor courts. Take part in a friendly game of football, cricket or volleyball. Try your hand at tennis, beat your friends in badminton or simply explore the Resort grounds on foot.

Fishing Aranya is replete with nature's bounties. The resort has several natural lakes filled with fish aplenty. Experience the simple joys of fishing on a carefree, sun-lit afternoon. Fishing at Aranya is equipped with all the necessary implements (base, fishhook, bait, etc).

Swimming Pool (proposed) Aranya Eco Resort has an outdoor swimming pool and brings you the chance to sit back and relax in the midst of nature. Escape from everyday life and come make a splash. Access to the pool is complimentary for all resort guests.

CYCLING Aranya Resort has scenic bike trails winding through the peace and quiet of the woods. Bicycles are available to collect at the Reception and all resort guests are welcome to explore the grounds. You may be a novice or you may be a pro; it is time to hop on a bicycle and feel like a kid again.


Contact us

Aranya Eco Resort,
Nishinda, Bhaluka.

Dhaka Office:
Aranya Eco Resort 10/1,
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