About Us

Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. (ASSL) carrying experience in shipbuilding since 1983 got incorporated in 1999 as a private limited company and has become public in 2009. Adopting modern shipbuilding technologies and practices since inception, ASSL has attained commendable expertise in the field of use of both steel and aluminum shipbuilding. It is the first ship exporter from Bangladesh and holder of export gold trophy along with quite a few national and international quality awards. Quality of its products is well known and praised at home and in abroad. It has introduced modern shipbuilding in Bangladesh and attained international recognition for Bangladeshi as a shipbuilding and exporting nation.

Production area of ASSL is 80,000 sq. meters .This reasonably large private sector shipyard has a capacity of producing ships using 30,000 tons of steel in a year.

It’s modern production facility comprises of a 200 m long Material Processing Plant fitted with a Automatic Shot Blasting and Priming Plant, 5 Numerically Controlled Cutting machines and 1 Auto Edge Preparation Machine. The hall is fitted with EOT Cranes 145 m long Fabrication Hall is equipped with press breakers up to 1000 ton capacity to produce curved plate of 30mm thickness for ship’s bow and bulbous bow. It is fitted with sheer, plate cutter, and plate rollers to produce 6 m long pipes. The hall is fitted with EOT Cranes, automatic welding, semi automatic and manual welding and gas cutting machines.
3 Shipbuilding Halls are fitted with EOT cranes and rail slipways. It’s 2 Fabrication Yards, each 200 m long, are fitted with shelter cranes and large EOTs. Each fabrication yard can produce blocks of a 10,000 ton capacity ship every month. Ananda Shipyard can produce 10 units 15,000 DWT ships annually.

It’s product range covers marine structure, water craft as well as steel fabrication of reasonably complex nature. Multipurpose Container Ships, Dry Caro Ships, Tankers of length of 150 m and or capacity 15000 DWT, Passenger Vessels, Ro-Ro Ferries and Ferries, 100 ton Pull Tugs, Dredgers, Crane Boats, Floating Workshops, Pilot Boats, Supply Ships, Survey Vessels, Inspection Craft, Fast Patrol Craft, Fishing Vessels and bi-metal Ships. Large Deck Barges, Offshore living modules, Railway Bridge girders and Flyover Girders are very much within its production range. Dredging accessories and ancillary craft, much as, ball joints, floaters, pipe lines,